north sea clams broth


Starting from €11,20 per meal per person


About the North Sea Clams: Seasonal exclusive*

Our North Sea clams broth with vegetable noodles is this season’s special. This mix of clams dish consists of the following ingredients; creamy saffron broth, 500gr seasonal clams (vongole, mussels), kohlrabi noodles, samphire, fresh herbs, aquaponic salad, linseed crackers, flora-plant based butter. Or with a nice piece of spelt-sourdough on the side. This special dish can be part of your 3 meals a week plan. Which other meal would you like? The choice is yours!

*This seasonal exclusive meal is €5,- extra per meal.


3 Meals a Week Plan

Combine your North Sea clams meal with two of the 5 meals below to complete your 3 meals a week plan:


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So you like to have our North Sea clams meal in your 3 meals a week plan, right? Great! Now all you have to do is:

1. Choose which other 2 meals you want in your week plan with the North Sea clams.
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Extra info

This is a seasonal exclusive and will not always be here. Eating clams is something we find valuable to have in our diet at times and in our North Sea waters we have a beautiful array of them. Clams contain lots of vitamin b12, are great for collagen synthesis, provide iron, are loaded with protein and an excellent source of choline. Of course, whether your body type is suitable for eating clams is different per person, so we always advise to do your own research. Your clams are sourced by Seabass the Urban Fisher in Eindhoven and we only provide what has been caught sustainable. Be surprised with the catch! Served with a nourishing creamy saffron broth. Salty fingers from the farm. Some vine tomatoes and kohlrabi noodles from Boer Henk. It is a nourishing and surprising meal when you feel like having something special.


  • creamy saffron broth
  • seasonal clams 500gr
  • kohlrabi noodles
  • grilled garlic, caprons
  • fresh herbs, samphire
  • chilli, lemon


  • linseeds crackers
  • flora-plant
  • aquaponic salad

Nutrional value

A portion of the North Sea clams contains:

  • Kcal 576
  • Protein 35,7
  • Carbs 34,8
  • Fats 33,9

High in vitamin B12 and Iron.

Allergies: crustaceans, celery, garlic.

Additional information

Which other 2 meals?

kemper chicken kale & farm to table broth, happy hokkaido broth & dutch beetroot broth, kemper chicken kale & warming hot pot

For how many people?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Add-ons per meal?

Extra Protein Added (+€1), Spelt Sourdough Added (+€3,50), Protein & Spelt Sourdough Added (+€4,50), No Add-ons


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