kemper chicken kale


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About the Kemper chicken kale ‘stamppot’

Nothing is more dutch than our stamppots. The ingredients of this unique Kemper chicken kale stamppot are: chicken broth, purple kale, potato, chicken thighs, a deep black-garlic jus with shii take and onion, red-cabbage bacon and aquaponic salad on the side. This dutch dish can be part of your 3 meals a week plan. What else with this dish? The choice is yours!


3 meals a week plan

Combine the kemper chicken kale meal with two of the five meals below to complete your 3 meals a week plan:


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Extra info


Proud we are of our dutch kale. A lot is being exported to the United States, for its ‘super-food’ nominations. Boer Henk grows green and purple kale, and for this dish we chose purple. Because it is very rare to most of us, especially on the stem! The parsnip and potato give a soft, fresh base, blended with some broth and spices it gets its unique yet traditional flavour. We chose the best chicken thighs from the area, the Kemper chicken. Organic, free-range and very tender. On top we have black garlic from dutch produce and a nourishing jus based the broth as well. Shii take from the Phood farm and red cabbage as ‘fake-bacon’. An easy, nourishing warm winter meal for the whole family as we believe everybody who loves ‘boerenkool’ is going to be a fan. And with the broth that is left over, you can use it as a supplement 15min before your meal.



  • chicken broth
  • ‘kemper’ chicken thighs
  • potato
  • purple kale
  • shii take, onion, black garlic
  • red cabbage bacon


  • aquaponic salad

Nutrional value

A portion of the Kemper chicken kale stamppot contains:

  • Kcal 575
  • Protein 40,6
  • Carbs 39
  • Fats 27,4

High in vitamin C and antioxidants. Improves muscle strength and gut health.

Allergies: garlic, celery.

Additional information

Which other 2 meals?

farm to table broth & happy hokkaido broth, dutch beetroot broth & farm to table broth, north sea clams broth (+€5) & warming hot pot

For how many people?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Add-ons per meal?

Extra Protein Added (+€1), Spelt Sourdough Added (+€3,50), Protein & Spelt Sourdough Added (+€4,50), No Add-ons


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