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The world’s first aquaponic farm-restaurant and delivery service. Where local food is nurtured with new technologies.

We serve daily harvested food, straight from our sustainable Phood farms to your table or home. We believe in a flexible plant based diet and soul gardening.

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broth by phood, brought by phood.

The health elixir everyone needs. Granny knew it, science backed it up!

What’s inside? 10 g protein, 12 g collagen per serving and packed with vitamins and minerals. Delivered to your doorstep with our fully electric & cooled bìro.

Bone broth is the ancient supplement we inherited from our grandmothers’ natural wisdom. An everyday supplement they’d use to prevent or treat illnesses. We serve two home made types: organic free range chicken and vegan broth from our own and local farms. When needed for health reasons, we can produce organic grass-fed beef broth on request.

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Meal plans by phood

Are you on a clean diet and need some help? We have the perfect 3-day meal plan kit, ideal for every diet or cleanse, to get you started or keep going! Prepared by you, with a bit of our help, ready in approximately 20min.

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Pure broth by phood

A bone broth a day keeps the doctor away! Our broths are used as a daily supplement, cleanse or a nutritious tasty base for a meal. We serve 48hr organic chicken broth and 6hr vegan broth, infused with local ingredients.

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farm fresh meal plans

On a clean diet and need some help? Or want to start eating healthy? We make it easy for you! Try our weekly 3-day (vegan, seagan or organic chicken) meal plan, harvested day fresh in our farms, and delivered to your doorstep. All meals are easy, tasty, nourishing and ready in approximately 20min.

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what the world is saying

Germany, Rob Kieffer

frankfurter allgemeine

“Die Erprobung der Revolution”

Auch Sabine Feron und Tim Elfring, Betreiber des neuen Restaurants „Phood“, haben sich nicht vom Corona-Grusel entmutigen lassen. Vieles, was man in anderen Städten als ökologische, nachhaltige, von der Pandemie ausgelöste Revolutionen feiert, wird in Eindhoven schon seit langem erprobt.

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United Kingdom

lost tribe travel

Seasonality adds variety to the menu, resulting in delights such as ‘mussels night’ where huge dishes of fresh mussels are served in fresh, homemade sauces with a side of fresh baked bread and salad from the aquaponics garden. An interesting concept and one of the best places to eat in Eindhoven.
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Belgium, Bas van Oort

de standaard

Het Restaurant PHOOD op het voormalige Campina-terrein teelt zijn eigen groente in de kelder. De nieuwst opleving staat aan de oostkant van de stad. Bij PHOOD Kitchen draait het in de keuken om planten, kruiden, groenten en kleur. De gewassen kweken ze zelf, in de kelder, met behulp van een aquaponisch systeem. De uitwerpselen van vissen dienen als mest voor gewassen groeien. Stadsboerderij ten top, zonder E-nummers en ecologisch meer dan verantwoord.
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farm to table broth

vegan miso broth, sprouted lupine, roasted root vegetables, purple cabbage, shii take, herbs

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On your meal plans

Receive 25% discount in your first week of your 3 day meal plan! Grab the voucher code you received in your welcome newsletter, use it in the checkout and off you go.

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pure broth plans

From €7,50 per week

3-day meal plans

From €6,20 per person per meal

pure broth



450ml, 6hr simmer with celery, kale, reishi, kelp, shii take, ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion and herbs.

organic chicken


450ml, 48hr simmer with organic chicken bones, celery, onion, garlic, turmeric and herbs.



1x 450ml vegan broth, plus 1x 450ml chicken broth.

All ingredients are from our phood farms and local land farm – bijzonder brabants. Our organic chicken bones are from belki – Belgium. And seaweed from Dutch seaweed farm – zeewaar.

Delivered on Wednesdays & Sundays

meal plans

vegan, seagan or chicken


Choose from below’s selection of plant based, seagan or organic chicken inclusive recipes. Select your favourite 3 meals, the number of people, personal dietary wishes and date of delivery.

This week’s meals:

  1. Dutch beet broth
  2. Happy hokkaido broth
  3. Farm to table broth
  4. Nourishing hot pot
  5. Kemper chicken ‘stamppot’
  6. North sea clams broth

Top ups:

  • Extra protein
  • Spelt-sourdough herb bread

Delivered on Wednesdays & Sundays.

beet broth

red beet broth with sauerkraut, coconut yoghurt, seeds, crackers, flora-plant butter & aquaponic salad

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