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About the Vegan Mineral Broth

To make our mineral-rich Vegan Broth, we use organic, high-quality seaweed sourced from our organic farmer Zeewaar, in the Netherlands. Simmered for 6hrs. There are no pesticides, fertilisers or additives – only nature’s pure goodness, filtered water, and organic ingredients from our own or local, organic and aquaponic farms. All our broths are dairy, non-GMO, and MSG-free. Suitable for every diet with a possibility to be tailored to your specific needs. One pot is 3x 150ml servings.

  • Ingredients: onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, shiitake, celery, kombu, himalayan salt, peppercorns.
  • Produced per order
  • Store in the refrigerator (1-3 C)
  • Consume within five days after opening

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So you like to have our weekly Vegan Mineral Broth plan, right? Great! Now all you have to do is:

1. Choose which broth taste you prefer in your plan: chicken, vegan or a mix of both.
2. Choose how many 450ml packs you prefer to receive per week.
3. Hit the ‘Order & Subscribe’ button and go through the checkout process.

We will do our magic and deliver your desired broth plan on a recurring base.
When you feel like changing your subscription plan, you can easily log into our website with the account details you’ll get and you’ll have full control over your broth plan subscription. Instantly changeable, infinitely flexible… Enjoy!


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Extra info

Phood stands for Ph+ pharmaceutical food/edible medicine supporting the pH levels of your body to balance. We love your gut! Hence, we brew a pure elixir that has been around since the beginning of time – BROTH – that helps your gut to be happy and healthy.

We support an Alkaline diet and discovered that broth is a great additive to our daily plate. Others call it a natural botox, the new coffee, a smoothie 2.0, we call it pure broth. This ancient supplement is restoring your inner gut lining, supporting your collagen production, detoxing your liver and is a little protein bomb in one. Aka your new best friend!

We use the most pure organic ingredients we can find as local as possible. Most of the vegetables and greens are grown in our own farms. The seaweeds we use for the vegan broths are from organic Dutch origin – Zeewaar. Using the rightly grown organic ingredients is a key to a healthy eco system and a nutritious broth. Your broth is being slow-cooked for 6hrs. In this way all the vitamins, nutrients is being extracted from the vegetables, roots and herbs slowly and simmered into the liquid.

Broth is being used for pregnancy support, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, reduce inflammation, skin rejuvenation, muscle health and joint strength. It helps to boost your natural collagen production.

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  • 450ml vegan broth
  • seaweed, shii take, reishi
  • kale, celery, onion, carrot
  • ginger, garlic, turmeric
  • bay leaf, apple cider vinegar
  • salt, pepper, coconut oil
  • love & patience

Nutrional value

A portion of the Vegan Broth contains:

  • Kcal 539
  • Protein 16,6
  • Carbs 38,7
  • Fats 36,9

High in Vitamin C & A. Includes good omega 3 fats and boosts your immune system.

Allergies: celery, garlic

How to drink

You can drink your broth as a daily supplement if you want. We prefer including it into our morning ritual, to the day with 150ml of warm broth, 15-30min before your breakfast on an empty stomach. Go into mediation or a gentle walk and tune into your body absorbing all the goodness with peace and harmony.

Bone broth is a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up, that won’t send your blood sugar on a high. Remember ‘4u cup-a-soup?’, that’s the way, but then the REAL soup your body craves for. Pack a thermos full of broth and take it to work or on your next road trip.

  • For extra energy – Twice a day: morning, afternoon
  • For skin health – Daily
  • For joint pain relief – Try two to three cups a day.
  • To support a healthy gut – Two cups a day will promote healthy digestion and reduced inflammation.
  • For weight loss and muscle-building – Drink four cups a day.

Source: babs bone broth, amazing quality broths too! and Kettle & Fire

Ways to use

  • Enjoy a pure broth on its own, it gives you a very consistent energy release and immediately soothes the body.
  • Our broths are low in salt, so you can add your personal flavours.
  • Use it as a base for soups, brilliant base for ramen!
  • Substitute for water in recipes for rice dishes, stir fries, or even to add to your smoothie or ice popsicles etc.

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