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Let’s make health easy, delicious and fun with our broths and locally grown meals. We offer nourishing meal plans, personalised to your needs and delivered to your doorstep with easy cooking instructions. You can pause at any given time with one click.

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Choose from a variety of weekly broth by phood plans and meal plans. Local, organic and nourishing.

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Choose the broths/meals you want per week, number of people and optional add ons. Add any dietary wishes you have.

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Your meals are harvested and made for you day-fresh, and delivered to your doorstep electric. We deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Why choose our Phood subscriptions?

Fresh, organic & no food waste

Your meals are harvested day-fresh at our farms, made-to-order, prepared by our chefs, and delivered to you on the same day. We adjust our meal plans to our gardens, which means we always work with’s what’s growing right now to avoid waste and to provide you the most fresh nutritious vegetables.

Hyper local

All ingredients are grown in our aquaponic Phood farm, Phood fungi farm and local land-farms in and near Eindhoven city.


Our aquaponic farms run sustainably using 95% less water and less energy. We recycle and reuse your packaging if you return it with your next order. Our delivery service is fully electric.

Gluten and dairy free

All recipes are gluten free in essence. There is no trace of diary to be found in our kitchen. We use plant-based milk and butters.

Personalised to your needs

You can personalise your meal plans to any specific dietary need you have, as we make every meal to order. Do you wish any health support? We can connect you to one of our close nutritionists.

Nutritious, delicious & easy

You receive step-by-step cooking instructions that are quick, easy, healthy and entertaining.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Living & Growing! Phood kitchen is a farm-to-table restaurant where we are successfully experimenting growing our own food in the city with an aquaponic system and local land farms. We serve mainly plant-based meals that are built to boost your health and that of our planet.

Campinaterrein, Eindhoven. A part of our farm is inside our restaurant. And the big farm is 100m away from our restaurant on the campinaterrein in Eindhoven. We are situated in a highly monumental old milk-factory, which we converted to a plant-based factory!

Aquaponic farming is a food production system where we grow food on water, fertilised by fishes and grow-lights. Duurzame kost has developed our farm and we are now taking it to a 2.0 phase to see where we can optimise our system.

Our aquaponic system recirculates and reuses water very effectively. It designed with energy conservation in mind, using solar-energy and a reduced number of pumps as much as possible, so we can operate highly energy efficient. And we produce hyper-local inside the city, in unused buildings and basements. This way we utilise the space as optimal as possible and we have less travelling costs. Our products are much more nutrient dense be cause we harvest day-fresh, and have had no pesticide included or external influences that might bring toxins into our products.

Not yet. At the moment only in 10km radius around Eindhoven. You can choose to pick your meal plan up at our restaurant or Phood farm. We believe producing and consuming local is the most efficient and healthy way to operate. We do hope to expand our facilities in the near future so we might come to your city.

You can find all allergies at the bottom of the page. Our meals change constantly and we do love the use of nuts in recipes. Please mention when you have an allergy in the comment section of your order or give us a call at +31(0)6 154 00 775 because we can easily personalise the meals for you.

YES! We use zero dairy in our kitchen, and are gluten free. Only our add-on spelt-sourdoughs contain gluten, but are not baked in our kitchen. They are freshly made to order by Bakkerij Meelmuts.

Yes! Please, do so because that’s why we are here. We love to personalise your meals to your specific wishes. Especially if you have a unique dietary need. You can add extra information at your check out or give us a call +31 (0)6 154 00 775 and we will talk your needs through.