Delivery of healthy and delicious meals

Delivery at your doorstep is a few clicks away. Phood kitchen is a platform where unprocessed food is the new normal.

After a long personal search through health studies, we experienced ourselves that food is medicine. And that we are born having the privilege to work together with all of nature to learn from.

We are driven to set the new Phood standard in the food/restaurant/fast-food business, where health in the broadest sense of the meaning needs to be pushed forward. After all we are in the business of serving restorative (restaurant) foods.

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Broth plans

Fine Dining experience

Chicken, beef & vegan broths. Simmered for 48 hours, the way granny did id.

In our restaurant we serve a daily fresh farm to table menu. You are seated next to our aquaponic and fungi farm. So what you see is what you eat!

You can expect a mix of land and aquaponic vegetables, fungi and organic local meat dishes, infused with (bone) broth. All in season, served at once in three courses. We call it ‘eten wat de pot schaft’ with nutrient rich food that helps our body to thrive in health.

Visit our Phood farm

It is unique, growing vegetables in the city with the latest technology. We are the prove it is possible with our aquaponic Phood farm, next to and inside our restaurant.

We are currently building 300m2 of aquaponic farm, founded by duurzame kost, and further developed by our Phood farm team. Where vegetables grow on water with the help of living fish. Overhere Ward is growing all our and your vegetables together with our Phood army. Want to visit us or learn more? We are opening March 2021 for tours.

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