Recipe: Black Bean ‘Boon’ Broth

An ancient re-innovated recipe based on our vegan bone broth. My grandmother would be in the kitchen for two days at least, and I adore her slow cooking style once in a while. So this broth requires a bit of patience.

For this recipe we use dried black beans as a source of protein and fibers. Black garlic, massive super food and helps regulating high blood sugar levels. And let’s take you on a journey through our local lands and what’s in this season. We have a mix of land products and some late season in-door green house products. You don’t have to go all crazy like this, but choose what ever you have growing. 

This recipe is our price winner at Hollands Best Delivery 2021.

Ingredients 2 pers:

  • 500ml miso-black garlic broth (vegan)
  • 250ml oatmilk (optional)
  • 150gr uncooked black beans
  • 20gr sprouted lupine
  • 1 sweet potato
  • 2 truffle potatoes
  • 5 leafs purple kale
  • 4 leafs cavolo nero
  • 6 crosne
  • 2 mini aubergine
  • 4 padron peppers
  • 1 tofu

Pre-preparations – night before

Broth + soaked beans

Use our vegan broth as a base for your miso black garlic broth. I use a white (shiro) miso, because I prefer the soft sweet taste of it. Soon I’ll bring a recipe here for creating your own miso from Dutch beans. Heat the broth and stir the miso and 4 cloves of black garlic through with a whisk. Make sure you never boil your vegan broth. You can also use a blender if your black garlic does not melt into the soup. Add your beans to soak your dried beans overnight in the vegan broth overnight, so it gets nice and soft and takes all the flavours in. 

Sprouted lupine 

Check out our sprouted lupine recipe. I always have some in my fridge to just grab from. They are an awesome vitamin boost.

Marinated tofu

Slice your tofu in little cubes. I use a dark miso marinade with a bit of broth, sesame oil, agave syrup and scallions. Massage the tofu in and leave overnight in the fridge.



Let’s cook!!

Broth + beans

Check if your beans are soft, if not just heat up your broth for about 1 to 2 hours and let the beans simmer real softly. I love this broth to be soft and creamy so I add or a lupine milk or oat milk to it.  

The black garlic is the natural sweetener in this recipe. Bring up to taste with a bit of salt to bring the flavours up. 


Slice your sweet potato, truffle potatoes in aesthetic pieces and grill for ca 10 minutes until nice and brown and crisp. 

Slice your aubergine in half, cut in the skin to let the steam in whilst baking, massage with rapeseed oil/salt and grill on broth sides until super nice and soft. It should melt in your mouth. Best to leave it in the oven for a while. Simultaneously you can put your padrone peppers on a high grill. 


Destem your kale and rip in smaller pieces. Destem your cavolo nero and cut in small slices. Massage with a bit of tamari, a drip of sesame oil, a slice of lemon and a mini bit of salt. The salt softens the kale leafs.  


High fry your tofu. 

Heat a pan up with a layer of sunflower oil and add a leaf rice paper to create a rice paper crisp.