WE FIRST GOT INTRODUCED to bone broth in our search to heal from candida overgrowth, a fungal infection in the gut. Next to a strict diet, Tim consumed 1.5l of bone broth on certain days and felt better than ever before. When we read more into it we found the book bone broth secret‘ from Louise Hay, which is a must read. It echoes the truth behind all that’s written, and known about bone broth, with actual healing testimonies and why it has been used for so many centuries by our ancestors. We naturally started to question: How come our generation is only using stock from a cube? And how come so many young people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or leaky gut? Even unconsciously?

Granny knew it. Science backed her up.

Bone broth is a ‘secret’, not so secret healing potion. And our grand mothers knew it. Every single person we speak remembers their grandmother putting up a kettle of bone broth, and giving some when not feeling well.

But it seems our generation has forgotten this. And in our search we found out first hand how much healing and energy comes from a base of pure bone broth in our diet, so we naturally made it the heart of our kitchen. And started selling it through the Phood truck.

We witnessed the ill, the healed, the health searchers, the fresh mothers, pregnant women and the lovers of a traditional kitchen would come. We have seen babies sipping bone broth away so naturally, craving it to the surprise of their mom and dad. Even baby Yoda drinks bone broth in The Mandalorian. ;) And every once in a while the hang-over cure searcher would stop by and we witnessed the clarity and boost of energy that would rise afterwards.

Over time we developed infinite different styles of bone broth, but the base is always the same: the BEST organic chicken bones and feet or local grass-fed beef bones, organic celery, roasted onions, shii take, reishi, turmeric and ginger (as much as we can grow from our own farms), apple cider vinegar simmering for 48 – 72hrs.

All the marrow, the nutrients and vitamins of the bone and the vegetables would slowly blend into the broth. The taste would intensify and the colour slowly gets shimmering golden. In beef and chicken the jellyness would arise, filled with collagen – great for your gut lining and skin. My mother can verify – she has a beauty clinic and holistic health centre.

Consuming bone broth as a liquid is most effective. We ourselves prefer a 80%-20% balance of a liquid-vast diet. This way the body takes less energy to absorb the nutrients stored within liquids, so there is more energy for the body to heal all the bumps we have in our organs. This is a personal choice and preference. You can also add broths as a base to vast foods.

Soon we will write more about the different herbs and flavours we add to our broths. And the benefits of different broths. And we will dive deeper into vegan broth and the power of seaweed.

Also check out the links below if you want to dive deeper into the bone broth journey with Dr. Axe, Louise Hay and the power of HBMS food/education through Master Choy founder of the Happilization Centre.

Lots of love and health!

Bone broth journey Dr. Axe: https://draxe.com/nutrition/bone-broth-benefits/

Bone broth secret, Louise Hay: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/the-bone-broth-secret/9200000049285333/

Happilizaion centre, Master Choy: https://www.happilizationcentre.org