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Nouriosity breakfast
Food experience
“In this time, more than ever, we are challenged to reflect.
Life as we knew before changed. We rethought our needs, the only necessity we kept is food.
Around food, we have created our culture. Our lives were shaped around cultivating and harvesting.
Along the way, we have developed to drive on autopilot. We started to eradicate the life around us by focusing on inefficient volume and growth rather than on the initial purpose of nourishing our body.
Can we get back to the nourishment and abundance of life by being present, using our senses and letting our intuition guide us through?”

-Eliška Janečková

Phood is host of and collaborating with Eliška Janečková, our respected Phood lab-explorer and unique futuristic designer who focusses on health in all parts of food, experience, growth and design. She is the creator of the nouriosity breakfast experience where you are exploring the foods of our lands in pairs of two. It is an intimate experience, much like a guided meditation dinner, based around silence, taste and senses. Eliška has designed all tableware and worked on the fermentation part of the products from our land. We collaborated on creating a plant-to-plate breakfast menu that nourishes all your inner senses, and helps your body to rejuvenate through curiosity.

Price: 50,- per person.
Table of 2 or table of 4.
Only 10 seats available.

Book your table below and we will get in touch to discuss your needs.

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